A few favorites from the latest J. Alan Design photo shoot.

Poster design for Chicago’s A Red Orchid Theatre production of Mud Blue Sky

I recently planned an event with a student who is a Google Glass Explorer to give other students on campus a chance to interface with the device and talk shop about the future of wearables. The university liked the event so much, they picked it up as an official university event! The event was a success, a great crowd while still having an intimate, hands-on experience.

I did the design, photo editing, and copywriting for the flyer and the design and photo editing for the PowerPoint slides. During the presentation we showed a #throughglass video and did a Google+ Hangout so participants could experience the POV of the camera.

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A few more images from my recent cruise to Mexico. All images are at Punta Sur in Cozumel except the white building with graffiti, that is Progresso.

Hi spacexjobs,

This is a collection of SpaceX posters and just a few trading cards I designed just for fun over the last year or so. Imagine the kinds of things I’d think of if I actually worked there! Recently tossed my resume into the ring for the Marketing Manager position. Love to do an informational interview soon for this position or another I would be a good fit for.

There’s a few more trading cards for you to check out: Set OneSet Two, and Set Three.

I also blog about SpaceX (including an article on PICA-X you guys sent through your social media), NASA, and open sourced space projects.

Thank you for your time, talk to you soon!

We were delayed out of Galveston for 4 hours due to fog. We splurged for a balcony room and didn't regret it one bit! Grandmother and I on the balcony of our room. Shipping canal in Galveston as we embark. I have a soft spot for heavy machinery. Open seas, nothing for as far as the eye can see.

Editing photos from a cruise my grandmother and I recently took (our first one). I wasn’t expecting to capture many dramatic shots of my grandmother or the open seas. We had fairly moody weather which provided a dramatic backdrop to just about everything. My grandmother hates any photos of her at this age but I think she looks great…especially considering she’s 88. 

More photos to come, think I’ll make a photobook for my grandmother.

Latest marketing mailer I designed for A Red Orchid Theatre for their upcoming show, a tragedy called Solstice. There was a concern about the body hanging from the bridge.

Part of the reason I did that is that it mentally prepares the audience for a tragedy they experience. Red Orchid is a small theatre and any show you see there, you are in the action. The play is set during wartime and body is not the climax, or spoiler of the play, it is subplot of the play.

This article gives an overview of the surprisingly DIY camera setups that capture up close photos of rocket launches. I wrote this article while attending the most recent NASA Social event at the Kennedy Space Center. I was 1 of 150, chosen from 1200, to participate in the recent MAVEN launch to Mars. 

The article includes a photo story documenting a complete DIY setup by photographer Julian Leek.

Here’s a highlight:

In the world of modern spaceflight, we are spoiled with close up imagery of rockets launching. Thanks to cameras mounted on the side of rockets we often get to ride along with the rocket watching stage separations in real time. After witnessing my first rocket launch in March of this year, SpaceX CRS-2 mission, I began wondering what type of photography equipment was needed to capture a rocket launch. With all of the long distance transmitting we see with space flight, it’s easy to imagine photographers in a room monitoring and maneuvering their cameras as the launch takes place. That doesn’t even come close to reality.  

Infographic commissioned by Linux Academy to noting the shortage of job candidates with Linux and Amazon Web Services training. Designed in Adobe Illustrator.

Recent story I wrote about NASA’s newest mission to Mars and how it’s helping pave the way to establishing life on the red planet.

A couple versions of a logo I create for Special Chronicles, a nonprofit I work with that gives a much needed voice to people with special needs. Created a color and B&W version of the primary logo and a logo designed for a square space, good for profile pics, etc.

This is version 2, added the web address, of the GIF for the recent marketing campaign for A Red Orchid Theatre in Chicago.

This is version 2, added the web address, of the GIF for the recent marketing campaign for A Red Orchid Theatre in Chicago.

Front of handout Back of handout Front of handout Back of handout Front of handout Front of handout

My day job is Director of Instructional Technology, it’s a hybrid teaching and technology support position. I’ve already posted the Adobe quickstart guides I created. Here are a few more quickstart guides I wrote and designed for Final Cut Pro X, GrageBand 11, and iMovie 11.

Print collateral—Post card front. Print collateral—Post card back. Digital collateral—Twitter Header Digital collateral—Facebook header Print collateral—Inside of the show program incorporates branding elements from the Season brochure. Print collateral—Outside cover of the show program. Print collateral—11x17 poster

Marketing Campaign for Trevor, the next play performed by A Red Orchid Theatre here in Chicago. The director had the design idea to create a pop art look for the central character, a chimpanzee actor named Trevor.

I beefed up the digital assets for this show. There is a Facebook and Twitter header and the six portraits seemed a natural for an animated GIF. I had a lot of fun with this project. I also re-stacked their company logo to make it square so it would fit better in profile pictures and avatars.

Series of Adobe CS6 Quickstart Guides I wrote and designed for students. 

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